Balinese Spirits or Sleep Paralysis

I awoke suddenly. Nothing was there. The room was clear. I pulled the comforter over my chilled face. The air conditioning was excessive and unnecessary. My toes begged me to get up, but the rest of my body countered, warm and tired. The door tried to open, but the handle turned as if it already had been. It was locked and I knew it. I also knew something had just entered- a spirit, a state of REM, perhaps a thousand pillows. I could not be sure, but whatever it was crept over my body. Gently, silently, and evenly it rest down on my chest. Then slowly it pushed with power and ease, complete balance of the two, equilibrium in excess. My life lie at its mercy. Paralyzed, I stared at the blanket. Would this be the demise of the author? Such a lame and horrible demise it would be. Silent, I could not scream. I could not breathe. My mind raced and millions of pillows now filled the room. My still eyes blinked. I kicked decisively from the quadriplegia. A few minutes after, I looked at the clock. 4:24, it blinked. It had been nearly an hour since I was awakened by the door handle. I had been paralyzed and fully conscious. I think I was conscious at least.

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amy said...

crazy. tell me more dreams!