Gah, finances, new apartment, some luck, plus some reading make for one weak blog entry.

Current balance $xxx.xx- let's see if I can live off 10$/day

Trying to calculate my monetary situation, I choose my text carefully and try to compensate for the small balance in my account. Edwardian Script is too advantageous. Times New Roman is making ends meet, but unfulfilled at his nine to five. Webdings has trouble keeping up and Wingdings has lost his mind trying to pay bills. Zapfino foots the bill. It is buying an anniversary dinner at the upscale resort because his wife deserves it. He knows when to conserve and when to splurge. He writes the shopping list and marks the sale items for his Christmas dinner at home. He writes the invitations on recycled paper and does it with style. Yet, Zapfino is a lie to my finances. Mistral is more appropriate, rough and almost illegible.

Uma Drupadi apartment in Seminyak- 250,000 rp/night (roughly 25$
Bhuwana Cottages in Padma- 80,000 rp/night (roughly 8$)

My apartment raised their rates. I paid for the last night and went on a quick scurry to find a slightly more economical roof. It did not take long. Through my social circle here, about six different abodes were presented as potential new homes. The first place I checked was just what I was looking for. It is inexpensive, quiet, and a quick jog to the beach. Moved in that night after stuffing my boardbag full of shoes, clothes... everything. I am rather fond of my new apartment. It has all the traditional aspects of the houses here - white glossy tile along every square inch of flooring including the front porch and balcony, fans and no air-conditioning, cold showers which are a godsend, and a mosquito net to keep the mosquitos off my sensitive north american skin.

Erik and I tried to find a temple I had heard about along the beach. We were sidetracked when I found an unusually symmetrical stone. I broke the rock into bits and discovered a coin beneath the ancient coral and sediment. Continuing our walk, we found at least a hundred other coins. It was incredible to be finding these pieces of history in a foreign land, let alone on a beautiful beach with my brother. They are old chinese coins called Pis Bolong that have been used in bali for at least the past 1,100 years. Probably not as valuable as we were hoping at the time, but searching the beach and having an overwhelming feeling of luck with my brother was treasure enough. If you want to find out a little more about Pis Bolong (also known as Uang Kepeng) I would highly recommend reading a dissertation by Stephen DeMeulenaere of the Strohalm Foundation for Integrated Economics entitled, "Revaluing Uang Kepeng as a Medium of Local Exchange in Bali." Anyways, Erik left for Chicago with half and I am soaking the others in extra virgin olive oil to try and loosen some of the sediment.
Other than cleaning ancient asian currency, I have been reading quite a bit. At the moment, "Conversations with God" is picking away at the theologies of the world and my understanding of them. I would rather not summarize a book in a sentence, but if I were going to, this book would be "God is a loving creator, who has given us free will and wants us to fully experience this world, ourselves, Him (I Am) by creating, loving, and figuring out just Who You Are." Some would call it blasphemous. I myself have read, reread, and questioned the writing with the utmost intensity, but it has helped my spirituality to do so. I would recommend it to anyone who is religious, or spiritual, or atheistic, and/or sick and tired of the troubles religion seems to bring to the world. Other than that, I have been reading the two John Steinbeck novels that I have carried over the seas, Travels with Charley and Tortilla Flat, repeatedly. Both are phenomenal, both are absolutely classics for anyone who enjoys americana, wine & spirits, camaraderie, and/or excellent prose.

I think I have given enough homework for tonight. Now I must fill my ballot and vote to reclaim the patriotism that was stripped away so long ago. I will look for a bottle of wine (perhaps a 4 dollar bottle if I can swing it) to celebrate, or in the other case - drown my sorrows before looking for residency abroad.


amy said...

gaaahhh! this is the treasure that erik is going to make me clean! that is so cool! i cant wait to see them.
i might check out "conversations with god." it sounds very interesting and im actually searching for some books to use as resources for a cc paper of mine. we can pick pretty much any books that we want to read and analyze. i am thinking about doing something on religion and healing...

also, im trying to think about a topic for my final in photo. i am interested in shooting people (not like that, silly!) but im not sure how. aimee talked with me for awhile and we never really got anywhere. i wanted to do spur of the moment, genuine, laughing types of portraits, but cant figure out how to shoot them so that they keep the spontaneous aspect. possibly i will do something with reactivity and peoples responses to different situations. any ideas are greatly appreciated ;)

miss you

lukasink said...

They are worth more to me than if I'd had to part with them by selling them.... I'm giving them as quiet gifts from us to those who share a bond of love with you no matter how far away you might be. I'm glad to have one to keep around my neck to remind me of you.

(Although everyone has to clean their own haha!)

Can't wait to give you one Amy :)